Asheville Eats: A Recipe For a Romantic Dinner In

Asheville Eats a romantic dinner in Valentine's Day is fast approaching and with it comes the pressure to plan the perfect evening that inevitably involves the perfect meal. There are people with impressive culinary intuition. They seem to be able to reach into the cupboard, pull out random elements of a meal, toss it in the oven with some spices and they pull out an amazing dinner. To add insult to injury when you ask them for the recipe or how they did it they say something along the lines of, "It was nothing, I just whipped it up real quick." Most of us, however, this blogger included, not only need a recipe, but some relatively detailed directions as well. And after all of that attention to detail, it still requires a fair amount of luck for dinner to turn out right and on time. Fortunately for everyone out there who wants to make a romantic dinner and stay in, but is intimidated by all the work it seems to take to put a fancy meal together, I have a relatively easy grilled meal that is delicious and sure to impress.

Pork Tenderloin with Balsamic StrawberriesGrill to Impress

As thoughtful as it is to take your significant other out to dinner and as much of a win that is in Asheville, sometimes it means more to just have a quiet dinner at home away from any distractions and take the time reconnect on an emotional level. Try your hand at this Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Balsamic Strawberries (I promise it' easier than it sounds) for a dinner that is the perfect way to give a relaxing evening a touch of thoughtfulness. The key to achieving the picturesque glazed appearance on the outside of the tenderloin is to wrap the tenderloin tightly as it grills. This will not only create the caramelized outside that makes it look like a professional meal, but will also create a crispy layer before the savory meat on the inside. Serve it fresh with or without dessert!

Icing on the Cake 

We suggest Mini Triple Chocolate Pound Cakes! The best part of these bad boys is that there are no decisions to make! Chocolate is a go-to for Valentine's Day desserts and treats, but why choose what kind? This cake allows you to enjoy all three of chocolate's basic categories and the size means that you can either have one, and stay on your diet, or splurge for the evening and have one with and one without ice cream!

To really take this meal to the next level serve the tenderloin with Biltmore Winery's Vanderbilt Reserve Pinot Noir Russian River Valley and the triple chocolate cake with their Antler Hill Syrah Napa Valley; both of which have been specifically paired with this meal by Biltmore's in-house wine experts. No matter what it takes, make sure that your loved one knows they are loved with a meal prepared with the best of intentions and served with the best of company.

Our American society prides itself on hard work and efficiency, but sometimes the rest of the world needs to go on the back burner for the evening. Take the night to show the person closest to you that they are genuinely important to you, no matter what that means for you! Cuddle by the fire in your luxuriously romantic rental and enjoy your triple chocolate cake with your favorite movie, or go out to dinner and spoil them with the unique flavor sensations our Asheville chefs are constantly creating and revitalizing. If you know you're significant other would prefer the night in, but you have no delusions about your abilities in the kitchen, order to go from one of our favorite restaurants listed in last week's post on 5 Ways to Love Asheville with the One You Love. But, first and foremost, have a happy and utterly unique Valentine's Day!

Pork Tenderloin and Balsamic Strawberry recipe card

Triple Chocolate Pound Cakes recipe card

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