Asheville Arts 101 The Fabric of Romance

Fabric of Romance social sharingAsheville is a premiere destination for weddings and has been since Cornelia Vanderbilt's marriage to British Diplomat the Honorable John Francis Amherst Cecil. In 1924 their wedding was the premiere social event of the year. Cornelia believed that the true beauty of an event was in the details. For Cornelia those details included everything from which photographer would take pictures at the wedding, to which jeweler would print the invitations. While the rest of us may not put quite that much preparation in to an event - even our wedding - there is one detail that every bride obsesses over. The dress.
No matter what era or part of the country you are from, the first thing newly engaged women think about and the second thing they are asked about is what style dress they're wearing; if they're going with traditional white, cream or a colored dress; are they planning on wearing a veil or tiara. After the ring, the dress is the most focused on detail of the entire day. When we're little we dream about them, when we get bigger we watch shows about them until finally we buy one. But no matter what age we are, our favorite part of the movie is when the heroine comes out in her wedding gown as she walks down the aisle to the man of her dreams.
Running February 12 through June 4 Biltmore has a special exhibit of wedding dresses worn in some of the most classic and enduring love stories of all time. For a special romantic activity, that comes with heating, take an afternoon to walk through the stunning creations that Gwyneth Paltrow, Emma Thompson, and Kate Winslet brought to life for us. Move on from the more than 40 wedding costumes from 19 movies to Antler Village and tour through antiqued memorabilia from the Vanderbilt family weddings that have been held there over the last 90 years.
Don't miss this amazing opportunity to see art in one of its most personal forms - the one you wear. If your significant other has a soft spot for hopeless romanticism, or is fascinated by fashion or films, this is the perfect event to take them to and will provide you with tons of pictures and memories that will last a lifetime.

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