Asheville Arts 101 Made in WNC

Made in WNC Social Sharing Image Property of Asheville ConnectionsAsheville is known for our amazing artists and varied exhibitions. Here is an opportunity to see a wide variety of Asheville art that chronicles the development of designer-maker products in the heart of the North Carolina mountains. For a fun evening out with your friends and family, take a tour of this exciting exhibit to gain an understanding for the current of creativity that runs through our city with a life of its own.

Made in WNC

Having a firm understanding of the context that drives production is key to being able to appreciate the creativity and process that it takes to make the products that become staples in our lives and to continue to revitalize them to ensure they maintain their usefulness and appeal for as long as possible. Made in WNC at the Center for Craft, Creativity and Design includes twenty-four studios and four artists using mediums of textile, ceramics, and furniture and is unique for two reasons. The first is that it is a "hybrid show", showcasing creative expressions in a multitude of mediums. The second reason this show is wholly unique and important is that it relates production with design and craft in a dynamic way that has not been explored enough.

Similar to other designer-makers, the studios and artists in this exhibit produce small-batch or limited-runs of their products that are sold in a variety of ways to combine the delicacy of creativity with the practicality of new technology. The "Made in WNC" exhibit will also feature a series of rotating installments from the North Carolina based artists. Though they may not be designer-makers themselves, these artists are critical for understanding the themes meant to be highlighted in this exhibition as well as offering a broader understanding to the dynamic of creativity and production displayed  through all the pieces. Like the products made by these gifted artists, this exhibit will only be in the Center for Craft, Creativity, and Design for a limited time. make sure to tour this free exhibit before January 9th when it will be gone.

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