Asheville Arts 101 from Classical to the Classics

Asheville Arts 101 from Classical To Classics
Asheville's live music scene is not only plentiful, it is also extremely diverse. No matter what your taste, no matter what your mood, you are sure to find something that suits you during your mountain vacation.  

Classica and Bluegrass in AshevilleSome Real Southern Country and Bluegrass

If you really want to immerse yourself in the culture of a place, then you have to surround yourself with the sounds and tastes of that local. And there is no more southern sound than country music and the even older Bluegrass. Bluegrass was born in the Appalachian mountains as the settlers from the Old Country took the music that they brought with them and changed it ever so slowly over the succeeding generations.

When you come to visit Asheville on your next vacation, indulge in a local Sunday tradition and savor a Bluegrass Sunday brunch at Mojo Kitchen and Lounge that boasts not only good music but also a refined menu influenced by down home southern cooking.

If you are in the mood for the country music genre, then you should take a peek at an upcoming live performance by country and folk artist Corb Lund.

Relax with Surprisingly Local Celtic Music

Bluegrass is a truly homegrown genre of music, originating in the Blue Ridge Mountains. But do you know where it originated from? Believe it or not, Celtic music! That's right. It was the Irish and Scottish immigrants, as well as the English and Welsh, who settled in the Appalachian mountains in the 1700s and brought their music with them. A few generations down the road and the local music of Ireland and the British Isles turned into Bluegrass. 

If your tastes run to Celtic music, then there are a couple lovely upcoming events you might be interested in:

Duo Galilei: Celtic Crossover is coming to the Black Mountain Center for the Arts this April 9th. This concert will focus on Scottish, Irish, and Scandinavian music as well as feature a few original pieces. 

Celtic Woman comes to Asheville on April 12th as a part of their Destiny Tour. If you have never witnessed this music extravaganza before then you are in for a performance treat!

Indulge in Some Calm with Classical 

Ah, sometimes there is nothing like relaxing to a beautiful classical concert. Just one individual piece by Bach or Chopin can arouse a myriad of emotions. If you long to calm your mind and indulge your senses with some classical music, then there are a few upcoming events that you will be interested in: 

The Tesla Quartet is playing at the Masonic Temple on April 9th. These talented performers create moving, beautiful music sure to take you away from your daily cares. 

Now, if your tastes run a bit more towards opera, the Asheville Symphony is performing Verdi's Requiem on April 16th. A quartet of operatic stars are flying in to create this fabulous event. 

If you wish to view more upcoming classical selections, the Asheville Symphony website is your go-to resource. 

Of course, these are only three of the music genres that Asheville has to offer. Truly, Asheville has everything. If you want to try a sampler of the local music scene, then the Sly Grog's Sound Station open mic night just might be for you. You can check their website to see which nights fall during your stay in Asheville. Open mic night is a popular event from February through December.  

The Asheville music scene is diverse, with something for everyone. Come and visit us, stay for a while, and enjoy the cultural scene!

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