Asheville Arts 101 Botanical Monoprints at the Arboretum

Asheville Arts 101 Botanica Botanical Monoprints
Winter is drawing to a close, making spring imminent. As much as we enjoy the quiet elegance of winter. The mountains blanketed with snow and the trees draped with ice and showing off their silvery and chocolate skins for the world to admire. The world seems sound-proofed in a visual monotone that seems to cleanse the visual pallet and seems to wash the world clean. Though we appreciate the crisp freshness of winter, we are jonesing for the appearance of the budding trees, blossoming vines, and flowers. Just as there's nothing more soothing than untouched snow on a mountainside; there's nothing more life-affirming than watching little green stalks sprouting from the rich Appalachian soil.

Botanica at the NC Arboretum

If you are missing Spring as much as we are and are as thrilled as we are that Punxsutawney Phil didn't see his shadow this year, you don't have to wait for spring to come to start getting your floral fix! Check out Botanica: Botanical Monoprints at the North Carolina Arboretum in Asheville. The exhibit features the work for Sandee Johnson, a prizewinning artist, writer and photographer. She is especially inspired by nature, as well as environmental and political concerns, making her a particularly good fit for Asheville and this exhibit especially appropriate for the Arboretum.

Botanica: Botanical Monoprints was specially designed to capture the essence of botanical specimens. To accomplish this effect, Johnson used water based inks and etching presses to layer each print until it has captured as many of the elaborate details as possible of each specimen. She often includes detailed pen and ink drawings she's been creating for the past fifteen years to bring an added layer of dimension to the piece. The result is an exhibit that is engaging and not only showcases unique aspects of botanical specimens, but blends a creative element of geometric imagery in each plant. This unique juxtaposition of scientific and imaginative is a series of stunning pieces that will inspire and challenge you.

Don't miss the chance to see living species at the Arboretum alongside their artistic counterparts. Johnson's exhibit will be showing daily at the Arboretum now through May 17. There's no charge, aside from the parking fee, for this exhibit. This exhibit is not only a beautiful one to see, but also a great one to take a budding artist to! The complicated process of monoprints creates a unique and beautiful product. In summation, Botanica: Botanical Monoprints is a great day on the town and a beautiful expression of what Asheville is all about - creativity and identity.

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