Asheville Arts 101 Beer and Painting Party

Beer and Painting Party with Paint BugEvery year visitors are drawn from all over the world, eager to experience Asheville's famed beer, art, and stunning views. The only problem is trying to decide what to do first. As Asheville is accommodating in most ways it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that we have blended all three of our most prominent features together into one experience.

Art, Beer, and the Great Outdoors? What Could be Better?!

The Paint Bug is known throughout Asheville and the surrounding area as the place to go for painting classes and throughout the holiday season, they're bringing their studio to downtown! Check out the Paint Bug's Workshop Calendar for all the dates and places they'll be every week, sign up with a friend, and come ready to paint and have a drink! Each lesson is focused on a different outdoor scene, so even if it's too cold or your trip is too short to get a real hike in, you still get to take a little piece of Asheville's famed outdoor panoramic views with you. The standard lesson cost is $30 per person and covers your canvas and all other supplies you'll need for your masterpiece! There are also specially priced lessons listed on the calendar for $20, a savings of 33%! Each event on the calendar is linked to a specific location and painting you'll be taught to recreate, with your own creative flair of course! For details on locations and pieces or to just learn more about one of Asheville's favorite ways to spend an afternoon, just go the the Paint Bug's Website and see for yourself what everyone's raving about!

Asheville is about memories, especially at this time of year. Painting and Beer (and wine too) are two of the industries and forms of expression that make Asheville so vibrant and unique. We think it's only right that you experience both for yourself as you recreate an outdoor scene and truly have a complete Asheville experience. So don't miss out on an opportunity to set aside quality time with someone you care about doing something that will give you fun and unique memories of your trip to Asheville!

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