Asheville Arts 101 Art Walk

art-walkEvery fall and winter hundreds of tourists flock to Asheville, NC. They are drawn by the vibrant colors of the leaves up and down our mountain trails and stay for the beautiful and historic Christmas celebrations! While there are plenty of seasonal attractions to enjoy every year, there are also plenty of year-round attractions that take on a festive theme in honor of the time of year. If you are fortunate enough to visit Asheville during the first weekend of each month, you have the unique opportunity to stroll through the streets of downtown Asheville and look in on the dozens of exhibits, studios, and shops of local artisans!

First Friday - Best Friday

While there are plenty of reasons to enjoy First Fridays, the most well known is perhaps the Art Walk that takes place April through December, beginning at five o'clock. Every year, the Asheville Arts District organize special features throughout the year and work with local artisans to find the schedule that works best for them. After all of this preparation, they put it into a downloadable and printable pdf and post the schedule for the year! This gives you the option to look ahead and see which features stand out to you and interest you the most. Though all the studios are contained to a relatively small portion of downtown for the sake of convenience, this by no means restricts the array of artistic expressions and mediums you will see on this one-of-a-kind tour!

Don't forget while you're making preparations to come to the First Friday of your choice, to make reservations for an Asheville Connections rental! The vacancies always fill up quickly, especially in properties like Luxury Downtown Perch, a townhouse in the heart of downtown. Don't let the fact it's called a townhouse fool you, this gorgeous rental has plenty of room for friends and family to bustle around in before and after the Art Walk and any other activities you decide to try out while you visit Asheville.

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