9 Reasons Why Asheville is the Perfect Spot for Thanksgiving

Perfect Spot for Thanksgiving 

It’s almost Thanksgiving time! Can you believe that? This wonderful time of year is full of family, laughter, warmth, and good food. Full of joy and - you guessed it! - thankfulness! Which means that this is one of the happiest times of the year! 

Have you ever considered a destination Thanksgiving? It is like a destination wedding, only for Thanksgiving! There are so many reasons why you might want to consider a destination Thanksgiving and why Asheville is the perfect place for you take that destination Thanksgiving. In fact, there are so many reasons that we can’t list them all! So we have isolated the top 9 for you! 

1). Asheville Gives You the Space You Need

Are you tired of hosting Thanksgiving and having to put people at tables in your living room and even your kitchen because you have such a beautifully large extended family? You can solve this problem by renting one of these spacious rental homes in Asheville, NC. Pick the floorpan you want and enjoy the tidy and decorated space!

2). You Can Have Only the People You Want Stay With You

When you are hosting Thanksgiving at your own home, it is rather hard to turn down family members who ask if they can stay with you! Which means that some years you probably end up with people sleeping on the floor of most every room of your house, right? However, when you savor Thanksgiving at one of our cabins in Asheville, NC, you can weed out the number of people that you have staying with you by asking them to pay for themselves. Plus, when it is a rental home you are talking about rather than your own home, it is just easier to say that there are only so many rooms at the cabin! So take away the guilt of turning down guests and rent a home for your lovely Thanksgiving! 


Rental Livingroom 

3). You Will Have Less Noise

Because you will be able to spread out in your luxurious rental home in Asheville, NC, the noise of all your excited and laughing nieces and nephews, and children and grandchildren, will dissipate throughout the lovely, padded space. Serenity, anyone? That is what Asheville and our rental homes will bring to you! 

4). You Won’t Have to Entertain Your Guests

Because Asheville is so beautiful, full of gorgeous nature and fun shops, your guests will be longing to get out and explore on their own. This means, of course, that you don’t have to set up excursions or worry yourself about entertaining anyone who comes into town for Thanksgiving. 


Rental Signs for Fall 

5). You Will Be Surrounded by Fall

When your guests, and you yourself, drive up to your vacation rental, you will be surrounded by the most beautiful fall colors and weather! Plus, the fact that Asheville is in the rolling mountain tops of the Blue Ridge Mountains only enhances the fall and Thanksgiving-y atmosphere! Think: free and natural decorations all around you providing you with the perfect backdrop for your festivities! 

6). And, You Don’t Even Have to Cook if You Don’t Want To!

That’s right! If Thanksgiving dinner prep just isn’t your thing (and, no judgement, it just isn’t for everyone!) then there are plenty of lovely restaurants that are actually open on Thanksgiving. If you are interested, check out this page with a list of the restaurants that will serve you breakfast, lunch, and even dinner on Thanksgiving Day! 


7). Also, Check Out the Biltmore

Did you know that the Biltmore is actually open on Thanksgiving? And since everyone else is letting their turkey settle while watching football, this is a fabulously quiet day to get to enjoy the mansion almost entirely by yourself! You can even pretend that you live there. And who wouldn’t want to do that? 


Fall Hike 

8). Then Work Off the Turkey With a Hike

After the Biltmore, or instead of touring the house, indulge in a hike! Work all that turkey off, and keep your svelte figure intact after indulging in that extra piece of pie, by checking out one of these trails right here

9). Enjoy a Vacation While You Are At It!

One of the biggest reasons to have a destination Thanksgiving in Asheville, NC, is the fact that this trip will not only solve all of your Thanksgiving headaches…it will also turn into a mini vacation for you! Now, doesn’t that sound lovely? And a vacation is exactly what you need with the rest of the crazy holiday season coming up! 

So book your vacation rental now! Thanksgiving will be here before you know it. We can’t wait to have you! 

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