5 Ways to Love Asheville with the One You Love

 5 Ways to Love Asheville with the One You Love Social Sharing
It's that time of year again! People in relationships are rushing trying to figure out last minute plans, while those of us who aren't in relationships are waiting in breathless anticipation for February 15th, when all the excess seasonal chocolate goes on sale. No matter which boat you're in, it's a great time of year to stop and reflect on what really matters most - more than the gifts, and flowers, and grand gestures - it's time with the people we love that matters most. This year take time to pause and spend time with that one special person, or those couple of crazy friends, that make all the madness of life undeniably worth it with one of Asheville's favorite ways to say "I love you". 
Scenic Picnics in Asheville are the best!

1. Scenic Picnic

If you love picnics in the summer, you'll love them even more in the winter! Pack your basket, grab your coat (and maybe an extra blanket or two) and pick your favorite waterfall or mountain view for an afternoon that is guaranteed to be unforgettable. If you, like a certain blogger, have a low tolerance for cold that no amount of layers or hot cocoa will keep at bay, try taking a drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway and use the full map to find the perfect scenic outlook to stop at! Keep the heat on high and the tunes playing as you escape to the simple things in life with your favorite person. Don't forget to check out our Asheville Eats Sandwiches for some inspiration for a delicious sandwich you can take with you when you hit the road or trail, or come up with your own unique meal that will be just the right touch for your significant other!
Biltmore Estate is perfect for a romantic day together

2. A Day at the Biltmore 

Naturally, we can't have an Asheville attractions post without highlighting the fabulous Biltmore Estate. If you're loved one is particularly fond of history, this is the perfect blend of romance and historical significance to make your day together a memory you'll recall with fondness. The Biltmore is one of those places that no matter what time of year you visit it, it's worth the trip. The house itself is inspired after palaces in Europe, making a trip to see the architecture and decor worth taking. Even if it's too cold to meander through the stunning gardens, you can easily lose an entire day just perusing the main house and then making your way down to Antler Village to look through the shops, restaurant and winery. Don't forget to look for their specialty exhibits that often are visiting the house for an extra special trip with your history lover!
Local Theatre in Asheville

3. A Night at a Local Theatre

Asheville is a well-known hot spot for up-and-coming as well as prominent artists and most of the time when we talk about that we are referring to visual art such as sculpture, paintings, and mosaics. However, Asheville is fortunate to not only be a favorite haven for visual artists, but also performing artists! With one Community Theatre, three professional ones, and one Children's Theatre, there is always a show worth seeing! Don't miss the opportunity to widen your experience of art in some of its most dynamic forms! If you are looking for one way you are guaranteed to see the true spirit of Asheville, this is one of the best bets you can make! Check out the links above or look at the Diana Wortham Theatre, a venue that hosts both local acts as well as traveling ones of all types of perfomances, The Magnetic Theatre, a professional stage group that specializes in original productions, or NC Stage Company to find the perfect show and book your tickets!

4. Dine in One of Asheville's Best Restaurants

Somethings are classic for a reason, and this is one of them. Take your significant other out for a night of no cooking or cleaning dishes. Asheville is home to many world-class restaurants with diverse themes and styles, ensuring that you will find the perfect corner to tuck yourselves away in for an evening of romantic atmosphere. Some of our favorites are: Tupelo Honey Cafe, which updates traditional Southern comfort food with modernized twists; Plant - a completely organic Vegan restaurant that respects and values all life; Nine Mile brings all the bold flavors of the Caribbean right to your table; Bouchon offers you the best French comfort food this side of the Atlantic; and finally Table Asheville serves only locally sourced food, giving you the satisfaction of supporting local businesses and farmers as well as providing you with a fantastic meal!

5. Stay in and Relax

Sometimes, as simple as it is, you just need a night in. Kick back and relax in your fabulous rental with a glass of wine, a toasty fire and your favorite movie. Don't forget that if you're not a cook, you can always order take-out from whichever restaurant you wanted to try. However, if you are daring in the kitchen, check out our Asheville Eats feature for some great ideas of meals to try and keep a special eye out for next week's post: Asheville Eats Romantic Dinner at Home, for a main course and dessert that are sure to please!
P.S. If the idea of Farm-to-Table dining tickled your fancy, but you know that by the time dinner rolls around you and your loved one won't want to be out at a restaurant, don't forget that you can always shop at the local Farmer's Market location for fresh local food!

Regardless of how it looks for you or who you do it with, take the time to make plans that will add real meaning to Valentine's Day for someone you care about this year. Use one of our suggestions above or get creative and find your own special little corner of the city to make your day together one for the photo books!

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