5 Ways to Foil Mother Nature this Spring

Spring activities for a rainy day in Asheville!
April Showers Bring May Flowers

The old adage floats around, almost as light as the air itself and trips off the tongues of elementary school children as they watch the shifting weather. As trite as such sayings to more adult ears, they ring with a certain truth - spring weather is unpredictable. On one hand you could have shifting temperatures and rain threatening clouds blanketing the skies. On the other hand, you could have a week of clear skies, undiluted sun and gentle breezes to take the edge off the warmth. We are only human after all, and Nature is a force to be reckoned with; sometimes even our most valiant efforts fall short. This Spring don't let the possibility of weather complications keep you from reveling in Spring! Plan your trip free from the worries of surprise spring weather with a few activities like these up your sleeve, just in case!

Indoor Scavenger Hunt1. Indoor Scavenger Hunt 

This is a great activity, because it can be modified for any group, or any theme. If you have a group of kids with you, let the older ones help plan the route and clues. You can keep it in the rental, if you really want to have a relaxing day staying in, or you can take them along a historical tour or on a scavenger hunt through the library that ends with lunch or a special snack! If your groups is mostly grown ups, you can make a list of things to find in Asheville with a point system and the first one to 100 (or another number of your choosing) wins! If you plan on using Asheville as a romantic get away for popping the "big question" you can use the scavenger hunt as a game to get that special someone to the perfect spot to start you new life together.
Note: Printable example of an adult scavenger hunt for Asheville here.

Play a game indoors

At our house "Game Day" usually starts with my youngest sister following people around singing "Do you want to play a board game?..." To the tune of "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" Eventually, someone caves and we begin. The most important and first step to having a proper game day is building a tent and padding the inside with what we have come to call a nest (a ton of pillows and blankets laid out for minimal slippage and maximum lounging). Next, for the level of competition guaranteed by my family getting involved in...anything, the next important aspect is food! You really need snacks that provide energy without smearing your fingers with grease that will ruin your game. Obviously, after this, all that is left to do is pick your games and get to it. You can even make a bracket and a hierarchy of games so there will be one epic showdown for the title of "Game Master".
Note: Printable bracket for game night here.

Dont let the rain stop you from exploring asheville3. Rearrange Your Schedule

As simple and uninspired as it sounds, take a look at the plans you already have. If you have any tours, shows or shopping you wanted to do on your trip, just move it to a day with more indoor friendly weather. As the option with the most obvious perks, you still get to accomplish all your plans for your one short week in the lovely mountainside city, just with a little added flexibility. In remaining flexible in your plans, you're also living the laid back scheduling style of the south and getting a real taste of Asheville life.

Let out your inner child4. Let Out Your Inner Child

When we were children, who didn't love the idea of playing outside in the rain? I was always insanely jealous when I saw other kids outside and I had to stay indoors. Consequently, one of the most successful outings my boyfriend and I have had was the time we were walking out in town and rain came out of nowhere. I, instinctively, looked for cover and he pulled me back out into the little storm and we jumped, skipped, danced and sang (boisterously off key, if memory serves) back to my apartment. Play in the mud, dance in the rain and sing to the sky in one of the most beautifully preserved remnants of nature in the country. Let out your inner child, and I promise they'll thank you for it.

Watch a movie together! 5. Have a Nostalgia Day

One of the funnest snow days we had in college, was the day we crammed about a dozen of us into my tiny apartment and had everyone being their favorite cartoon from childhood. Grab the snacks, pack your favorite "kid movies" and cue up Netflix, just to be safe. Make sure to only play movies you know backwards and forwards so everyone can talk through them. It may sound a little chaotic, but it's brilliant fun! Everyone points out inconsistencies, things that don't make sense, favorite parts and profound lessons that still influence them all at once. On a slight side note, I also like to put out a spread of foods I liked from my childhood and where sweats or pajamas. Before you know it, you've been translated back to a simpler time when the princess always got her prince, the Rascles always find a way out of their jam, and Luke always finds his father.

Silver Linings

Take a page from  your own book and improv your own perfect indoor day! In addition to the wonderfully relaxing experience of being in one of our fabulous rental homes, spice up with some indoor fun. Highlight your favorite part of the rental with an activity to get everyone involved! Regardless of if that means hot cocoa and reading, doing a little beer sampling, or following one of the suggestions above, I hope you find your very own silver lining to your rainy, cloudy day. Remember that the south is all about last minute changes and living in the moment, so whether the weather is cooperating or not, find your moments and live them in true southern-style, to the fullest.

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