5 Ways to Experience Asheville like a Local this Year

How to Experience Asheville like a Local
There are so many things to do in Asheville and loads of ways to see and experience one of the most culturally unique cities in the world. And we know that when you come to see our city you want to see more than the usual sights that every tourist does. The breath and life of a city is in the people who make it up and the projects they pour their hearts into. So instead of just following a guidebook that just takes you through the wickets of a city, we're going to give you three events that are perfect times to visit Asheville and two ways to experience Asheville's quirky slice of Southern culture for more broad periods of time.

1. Putt the Green!

A little-known fact about Asheville is that we have stunning golf courses. It's really no wonder that people come from all over the country to play on our greens! Some may say, including some of the closest friends to one of the authors of the 1903 tennis handbook, H. S. Scrivener, "To play golf is to spoil an otherwise enjoyable walk". However we have to disagree! Here in Asheville seeing is believing! We do our best to give your an all access pass that gives you a behind the scenes look at the city, and making this one of the stops on your itinerary is a great way to do take advantage of everything the city has to offer. Check out the Legendary Golf at the Omni Grove Park Inn, High Hampton Inn and Country ClubBroadmoor Golf Course or High Vista Golf Club for some great courses to get the inside scoop on golf in Asheville!

2. 4th of July Pow-Wow

Every year on the 4th of July, the Cherokee Reservation in Jackson County has their summer Pow-Wow from the 3-5th of July, including a stunning firework show on the 4th. This is a completely unique opportunity to celebrate the political foundation of our country with the only people group who have been here from the beginning. Drink in the colors and sounds of the culture the rest of the country was built on. Don't miss the chance to experience the food, music, clothes, and traditions of one of the most vibrant groups of people around.

3. Grandfather Mountain Highland Games & Gathering of Scottish Clans

If you are of Scotland yourself, or just love the boisterous and active highland culture, Grandfather Mountain's Highland Games & Scottish Clans on July 7-10 is a must-go-to event for you! Don't miss the chance to watch, or participate in, classic competitions such as Turning the Caber, Tossing the Sheaf and the Running of the Bear, along with less grueling competitions like a border collie shepherding demonstration. This is known as the Grandfather Competitions not only because it's held annually on Grandfather Mountain, but because it is the largest event of its kind with a backdrop that is the closest comparison to the mountains of Scotland that you'll find stateside.

4. Drum Circle

The Drum Circle is an establishment in Asheville culture. Every Friday they meet during the warm months in Pritchard Park and in the cooler months they plan on meeting in the New Mountain Music Venue. The circle starts at 6 and is scheduled to be over around 9pm. Bring your own drum or just use one of the ones there! Regulars bring their drums and leave them where they were sitting when they need a break for others to borrow.

5. Self-Guided Beer Tour

If you can't make it in May or October for our beer festivals, you can take our self-guided beer tour of Asheville's favorite local pubs and breweries. Meander around downtown between pints and bites of food and see the best that Beer City USA has to offer!

The Best of the Best

Don't miss a chance to experience authentic Asheville flavor this year! Make it a point to come out to the mountains for your favorite time of year or look into other local favorites like Biltmore Blossoms. Asheville is the perfect melting pot between tradition and innovation making it one experience you don't want to miss.

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