5 Ways to Close Your Summer Out With a Bang!

Close out your summer with a bang! Asheville Connections, Asheville, NC The beginning of the summer people rush to vacation, eager to escape the monotony of the rest of the year to the sunshine and fresh air of the North Carolina mountains. But the beginning of summer is seriously overrated and mainstream, so for those of you who have embraced the hipster movement and opt to vacation towards the end of summer, there are still awesome things to do! While all good things must come to an end, that doesn't mean that Asheville lets them go without a bang. In case you need a little extra inspiration here are five awesome ideas to finish up your summer with and hold you over til Christmas vacation.

1. Biltmore Concert Series

The Biltmore Concert Series begins August 7 and continues through the month. With a wide variety of performers from every genre, this is a great even to bring your family or group to. With multiple performances a week, this is also an easy event to make fit into your schedules. So, the only real question is are more into Natalie Cole and Peabo Brayson, Chris Tomlin and MercyMe, or ZZ Top with special guest Blackberry Smoke?

2. 9th Annual Laugh Your Asheville Off Comedy Festival

The 12-15 of August marks the 9th Annual Laugh Your Asheville Off Comedy Festival. This year is set up to be another uproarious success with 5 showcases. This year the festival kicks of it's first showcase at the Highland Brewing Company with the following showcases booked for the Diana Wortham Theater. With tickets going at $20 per showcase this festival is a steal for access to dozens of comedians that are sure to fill your evenings with laughter while also allowing you to chose how involved you are.

3. 5Point Film FestivalAsheville Film Festival, Asheville, NC

Yet another fantastic option to fill your evenings with. The 5Point Film Festival highlights "short-documentary inspiring adventure film programs". However, 5Point offers special guests as well as other expressions of art that brings their festival above every other film festival out there. Bringing so many different expressions of art together in a program that not only encourages young film makers to compete, but also provides scholarships for as many as they can turns August 20th into an evening of enrichment not only for the viewers as well as the artists.

4. Asheville Wine & Food Festival Elixir

I spent a month talking about how great beer and beer influenced cooking, now it's time to give a tip of the hat to wine. Wine is delicious and nuances of the different vintages are brought out by the foods eaten with them. If you like trying out new meals with a nice glass of wine, the Elixir is a great event for you to look into. Bringing in some of the best chefs and mixologists in the city this is the perfect night to get out with the grown ups for a night without the kids.

Organicfest, Asheville, NC5. Organicfest

Another topic that I emphasize heavily is the value of purchasing locally grown, organic produce. However, the details of organic food, verses, artisan foods, verses, non-gmo foods can be difficult to parse out - especially in a world where labels are easily twisted and misconstrued. Fortunately there's a one day event called Organicfest put on by an organization with the same name to educate people on what the importance of eating organic is and how to practically incorporate that into our busy 21st century lives.
As many choices as there are for spending the last precious days of summer doing, the important thing is to make the most out of them with the people that matter the most to you. If that means spending time  with no plan or looking ahead and buying tickets in advance, the importance is on doing what you have to to make sure that you and your group relaxes and recharges for the rest of the year.

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