5 Ways to Be Your Best You this Summer in Asheville


Come to one of our cabins in Asheville, NC, and surround yourself with restorative and nurturing scenery as well as things to do. Pamper yourself. Take care of yourself. And have the vacation that you so desperately need. We have compiled a list of five of the best and easiest ways to take care of yourself this summer so that you can be your best you during vacation and for the rest of the summer after you get home. 


1). Enjoy Your Rest

We all know from experience that when we get enough sleep our bodies and minds function beautifully. And when we are sleep deprived there is not enough coffee around to keep us feeling good while we stagger about. 

Vacation is the perfect time to indulge in long, lovely nights of uninterrupted sleep. It is a time to let your body recharge, repair itself, and recover from the stress and business of daily life. Asheville is the perfect place in which to let your body rest and your mind relax. As you lie in bed, listen to the crickets and the cicadas, and maybe even the frogs, and let your mind drift back to memories of childhood camping as you drift off into a peaceful and deep sleep.  


2). Nourish Your Body

Of course, once you have woken up from your fabulous and well deserved rest, it is time to nourish your body. Now, nourishing your body doesn’t mean that you have to forgo all of the delightful sweet treats you like to indulge in on vacation, nor does it mean you have to cut out caffein and only drink water. It does, however, mean taking small steps to take care of your body while still enjoying yourself. 

For example, try waking up with a glass of water before your coffee. Then indulge in some perfectly ripe fruit from a farmers' market, as the first part of your breakfast. If you get tired of drinking health-giving water, try squeezing some lemon into it, or muddling it with some berries or herbs. Or try some refreshing coconut water. With the beautiful, fully equipped kitchens that our rental homes contain, you have every advantage at your disposal in your quest to nourish your body.  


3). Refresh Your Body With Some Salt Therapy 

Salt is wonderful for pulling toxins out of your body. Just think about how salt pulls the flavors, and the juices, out of vegetables. When you do a gentle detox for your body, you experience a great increase of energy, better mental acumen, and less stress. 

Asheville boasts a salt cave that is not only sustainable, it is also growing! Asheville’s Salt Cave does not require you to do any harsh salt scrubs or less-than gentle therapeutic soaks. Instead, through heat (don’t worry, the room itself does’t get hot, just the crystals are heated), the salt crystals release their minerals in an ionized form into the air, gently cleansing you with every breath you take.  


4). It Still Gets Sunny in the Mountains

During a mountain vacation, the cool even breezes rustling through the trees, and the beautiful shade that those same trees provide, it can seem like you are perfectly protected from too much sun exposure. But though our beautiful cabin rentals are surrounded by gorgeous forests, you still encounter the summer’s strong rays of sun. Sometimes a lot more often than you realize. 

So you need to take steps to protect yourself! As well as take steps to re-nourish your skin after the sun and wind have had their way with it. First off, of course, it's a good idea to always wear sunscreen if you are planning to be outside for a while. And don’t worry about sunscreen making it impossible for you to wear makeup - there are lots of wonderful products that include sunscreen in foundation or in tinted moisturizer, as well as sunscreen products which leave no oily or white residue on the skin. You can see some of these on Clinique’s website. Then, it is also important to moisturize. There are even special "after sun" products with intense moisturizing ingredients, some of which Clinique also has on its website. Of course you can also find products such as these on Amazon and at stores such as Target, Walmart, and even Macy's. 


5). Skip the Gym and Head Outside 

We all know that to be the best versions of ourselves we have to get the blood moving through our veins in one fashion or another. When you are on vacation, though, don’t make yourself drive to a gym and sweat for an hour or so if you don’t want to. Instead, get outside! Go for a hike, enjoy a swim, or take a walk around Downtown Asheville. If you would like to read about some great ways to get your whole family out of doors during your summer vacation, check out this blog post

Hurry and book the vacation you so desperately need right now! We have fabulous vacation rentals for you so that you can have the private, restorative space you need to recharge and be your best self this summer. 


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