5 Spots Your Special Dog Won't Want to Miss in Asheville


When it is time for the family vacationing to begin, sometimes it is just too hard to leave your pups at home. Instead of agonizing over leaving them and wondering if they will be okay while you are gone, just bring your pups with you to one of our fabulous cabins in Asheville, NC!

Of course, when you and your family are in Asheville, you will want a few dog friendly things to do. Never fear, we have pulled together a list of five wonderful things that your special dog won’t want to miss out on during your next vacation in stunning Asheville! So, stop planning and start living your vacation dreams - we have everything your family (including your pet!) could ever want on vacation! 


1). The Biltmore 

That’s right! The Biltmore, believe it or not, is pet friendly! Of course, the house is still off limits - it would be too terrible if a pup peed in the beautiful historic mansion - but the grounds are at the disposal of your furry friends so long as they are on a leash and you pick up after them. Which means that you can take advantage of the gorgeous grounds and numerous walks and hiking trails that abound on the estate. You can also walk your dogs through the gardens, letting their doggy noses savor the many scents as you do the same. Plus, several of the restaurants in the Antler Hill Village that have outdoor seating welcome "man’s best friend” to join in the dining fun. 


2). Pack Square Park

Pack Square Park is a wonderful place for the entire family to enjoy a little down-town Asheville fun! The park itself is pet friendly, so long of course as your dog is on a leash and you pick up after them. The big feature of this park is Splashville, the interactive fountain in the park perfect for your kids to play in on a hot summer’s afternoon. For even though we are up in the cool and beautiful mountains, Asheville does get hot in the summer! 


3). The Carolina Mountain Trail

The Carolina Mountain Trail is a lovely hiking trail located in the North Carolina Arboretum. Meant to be taken at a leisurely pace, and perfect for those of all walking and hiking intensity levels, this lovely shaded trail is a charming place to stroll with your pup out of the direct summer heat of Asheville. Again, this is a place where your pup, no matter how sweet and obedient, needs to be on a leash. And, of course, your pup needs to be picked up after. But this trail is still a lovely place for your four-legged companion to run if you feel like running along behind him!


4). The French Broad River Park 

The French Broad River Park is truly the perfect marriage between family and puppy fun. It is a beautiful place in which to enjoy family outdoor fun time, with swings and covered picnic areas. And of course the lovely view of the cool and calming river is nothing to sneeze at either! There are also public bathrooms and drinking fountains available for your convenience. We can’t forget the four-legged members of your family, though! There is a lovely dark park in the French Broad River Park, complete with separate areas for large and small dogs. Both areas have grassy and shaded areas for you pups to explore, as well as benches for you to sit on while your dogs play. 


5). The Woods Outside Your Cabin Rental 

We can't forget the woods outside of your very own Asheville mountain cabin rental! For they are the perfect place in which to start your day with an early morning shaded walk as you explore the majestic beauty that Asheville has to offer in droves. 

Are you looking for a fabulous summer vacation for your entire family, including your four-legged furry members? Then look no further! Book with us now and enjoy the vacation that you have been longing for. Make some time to take care of yourself! 


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