5 Simple Ways to Have a Fabulous Labor Day

5 Simple Ways to Have a Fabulous Labor Day

Labor Day weekend, 2017 is almost here! Isn’t that music to your ears?! Here in Asheville, NC, Labor Day is an especially exciting time! After all, Labor Day is the unofficial start of fall. Which means that Labor Day in Asheville, NC, is the start of the gloriously colorful and cool fall season! (Our favorite poorly kept secret: fall in Asheville is just as beautiful as anywhere in the North East!)

Another reason why we adore Labor Day in Asheville, NC, is because it is a given three-day weekend at the start of this gloriously beautiful season! Which means that it is a weekend that is simply begging for you to come and indulge in an early fall vacation with us! If you aren’t convinced yet, let us show you 5 more reasons why you need to spend your Labor Day weekend of 2017 in Asheville, NC! 



Take in a Concert

On September 1st, the Sundown Band will be playing in the park in Downtown Asheville. Now, the Sundown Band has a repertoire of Classic Pop, Rock, and Country - they are quite the diverse group! However, even if you think they might not cover your favorite mix of genres, just remember the last outdoor concert you attended and how you thought any outdoor concert is a treat to partake in, especially in Downtown Asheville! You can read more about the concert here



Savor a Hike

Asheville is perfectly positioned for you to be able to indulge all kinds of beauty, from waterfalls to mountain views, to open fields of wildflowers. And all of this is yours for the taking in when you go for a hike! We have all different kinds of hikes available to you, from strenuous hikes that will take up your entire afternoon to nice, casual strolls that you can enjoy with your little children while you spot different birds and identify wildflowers. You can check out which hike you want to take here


Apple Picking 

Pick Some Apples

Would you like to indulge in a quintessentially fall activity? Of course you would! Which is another reason you need to visit Asheville, NC, over Labor Day: apple picking is in full swing over Labor Day weekend! Check out this lovely orchard that lets you brows and pick your own pumply ripe fall fruit just a short drive away from Asheville in Hendersonville. 



Tour a Winery

Ah, the supreme delight of a luxurious wine tasting amidst a splendid mountain setting! With a cool breeze wafting around you, brilliant fall colors creating a soothing and yet exciting vista before you, and a flavorful glass of unique and local wine in your hand, you will be sent into a state of complete serenity and delight. In Asheville itself, you can visit the classically beautiful and historical Biltmore winery. You will be delighted with its European feel, as well as the complex wines that it produces. Now, if you want to escape all Labor Day weekend crowds, there are several lovely wineries further up in the mountains that are only a short drive from Asheville, NC. Labor Day is a perfect time to visit Burntshirt Vineyards, Linville Falls Winery, and even Banner Elk Winery and Villa



Indulge in a Picnic

Of course, a trip to the mountains of Asheville, NC, over Labor Day weekend wouldn’t be complete without a drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway. And while you are leisurely driving this most scenic of roads through the stunning (and truly blue!) mountain, stopping at wineries and just generally enjoying your time, you have the perfect opportunity to indulge in a picnic! There are multiple pullouts along the parkway that provide a view better than any fancy restaurant can, where you can enjoy the view (and food you brought!) for free! Just please be sure to pick up after you so that everyone else who comes along can enjoy the same pristine view and picnic spot. 

We can’t wait to see you in Asheville, NC, over this lovely and long Labor Day weekend! With not even a month left till Labor Day, though, it is time for you to book your vacation now


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