5 Reasons to Stay in a Rental Instead of a Hotel

When you're planning a trip, especially for a group, it's important to know your options. One of the biggest things you need to decide is where you're going to stay. Especially when you've chosen a destination location like Asheville. There's a ton to see and do and the location of where you stay can be a major game changer for your family. Where you stay will determine not only what activities are easily available, but how much of your down time you'll spend where your staying and how much time you'll spend trying to avoid going back to it at all costs.

1) Money Makes the World Go 'Round...

It may seem like a rental may be a tad extravagant for your small, family, weekend getaway in the mountains, but it's really not. For a comparable quality in a hotel space, you'll wind up paying nearly $1,500 for two queen beds, a minifridge, and a sub-par "mountain view". However, for less than $900 (including the optional vacation insurance) you can stay in Asheville Connections' Luxury Downtown Loft. This loft has certainly earned the title of luxurious with enough room to sleep six comfortably as well as a fully equipped kitchen, in-house washer and dryer, private exercise room, and a covered porch (which obviously has more breathtaking views of downtown and the mountains beyond than any hotel). For about $400 more than the hotel room, you could also rent Bent Tree House, one of Asheville Connections' premier cabins. This location, is perfect for families who are just trying to get back to the basics, with a grill for outdoor cooking, a wood burning fireplace for cold nights and is only a five minute d
rive from the heart of downtown Asheville! You'll have to check out these and other Asheville Connections Properties to believe the incredible value!

2) Wide Open Spaces

The previous point of how to get the most for your money is closely related to this one. Even if, like in the case of Bent Tree House, you pay a little more for your rental than you would for a hotel room, you get big, BIG returns on your spending. Just to keep it simple, stick with the comparison of the four star hotel with comparable quality and Bent Tree House. Even though it's about $400 more for the weekend, you get an entire cabin to yourself, which includes, two large living areas that, a covered deck so large it's described as "sprawling"(which includes it's own fireplace), two indoor wood-burning fireplaces and two large screen TV's for family movie days if you have a bad weather day or just want a night in. When compared to the four-star $1,445 room that is literally just one room with two beds and a tv, the choice is clear. Your time and money are valuable and we know that. Let us enable you to have the best Asheville Experience we can!

3) Three Square Meals Makes a Rounded Diet?

Food is one of those expenses it can be easy to forget, but painful to find room for. Anyone who has ever gone anywhere with a family to eat knows that bill can go from reasonable to astronomical just by the time everyone has a drink (something my own family remedied by initiating the "everyone gets a water" rule). So instead of trying to scrimp and coupon your way through your meals in Asheville, or worse, ending up grabbing most of your meals from the hotel restaurant, Asheville Connections has a simple remedy. Every single rental has a fully equipped kitchen, giving you the option to plan which meals you want to splurge and eat out for, and which you can make at home!

4) Man's Best Friend

Similarly, bringing your four-legged, canine companion along for the trip is more affordable (and pleasant for both of you) at a rental. While not all of our rentals allow pets, those that do have plenty of room to run and play, both outside and inside in addition to the several dog parks in downtown Asheville and the hiking trails. All our pet-friendly properties also have the blanket pet fee of $75 - regardless of how long you're planning on staying. When compared to the $150 per room fee comparable hotels charge, it's once again clear where the interest of your wallet and your loyal companion lies.

5) A Room with a View 

No matter where you stay or how much you pay, no hotel room is going to offer you a room with a view like the ones you'll wake up to every morning in one of our rentals. No matter what property you chose (but especially the cabins), all you will see outside your windows are picturesque views of downtown Asheville and the mountain ranges that sprawl just past our city boarders. See why Asheville is known for it's wild, untamable beauty and how just looking at it, can infect you with a similar spirit.

The Proof is in the Pudding...or the Bank Account

We think that these reasons are compelling enough reasons to make anyone want to stay in a spacious rental rather than a crammed hotel room, especially taking into account that the price differences above were only for a four person family. However, we understand some people may need a little more to go off of. For 10 Reasons We LOVE Asheville Vacation Rentals, check out our infographic! There's a reason for everyone to love our rental and a rental for everyone to love!

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