5 Reasons Fall is the Best Time to visit Asheville, NC

Fall is the Best Time to visit Asheville

Leaves crunch under the heals of your much-loved boots that you have finally gotten to pull out and wear. A brisk wind blows the hair out of your face and pinks up your cheeks. An almost indescribably delicious smell that hints at coffee and cinnamon buns and warm baked apples wafts through the air.

Ah, fall! It is such a gorgeous, intoxicating season! Fall in Asheville, NC, is especially delightful! Brilliant color adorns all the trees, from deep ambers to radiant reds. Fires crackle in fireplaces and backyard fire pits in the evening, inviting family to draw closer together to keep hearts and hands warm. Fall in Asheville, NC, is a time of rejuvenation, creativity, and family bonding.

While we think all seasons are gorgeous in Asheville, NC, fall has a special place in our hearts. After all, the colorful display that the trees put on here is fit to rival any that you can find in the Northeast! (To learn more about the best places to indulge in fall color in Asheville, NC, check out this post here.) We love fall so much in Asheville that we want to share it with you too! Towards that end, here are 5 reasons that fall is THE time to visit Asheville, NC:

The Color

The intense fall color is definitely the top reason why Asheville is at its most perfect in the fall! Why, you ask? Don’t all places have fall color? Well, you might think that if you live on the East Coast. For much of the East Coast does have brilliant fall color. However, the warmer the area you live in, the less fall color you will have (and the shorter the season of color will be). For example, in Texas, there is only about 2 weeks of moderate color. Fall in Asheville, NC, though, means almost endless color! That is because Asheville has one of the longest seasons of color in the world! If you would like to find out the unique reasons for why this is, check out this article here. Which means no matter when you are able to take time off to come on a fall vacation in Asheville, NC, you are certain to experience the season’s brilliance the whole time you are there.

If you would like some tips on experiencing some of the best fall color in and around Asheville, check out this post here


Asheville Colors

The Weather

Ah, brisk mornings where you want to slip into a soft sweater while indulging in a perfect cup of coffee, and cool evenings wrapped in a blanket along with the love of your life. This is another reason why fall in Asheville, NC, is pretty perfect! The weather is still not truly cold (no freezing temperatures!), and you won’t need more than a light jacket or favorite sweater. However, the weather is definitely cool enough for you to never feel hot! You should be able to expect temperatures that range from 50-79 degrees while on your fall vacation with us. Now, doesn’t that sound dreamy after the heat of summer?

The Music Festivals


Music festivals in Asheville are almost always abundant, but in the fall they are especially lively and grand. One of the most popular music festivals is the LEAF music festival that is running from October 19th-22nd this year. This festival celebrates the power that music (and the other arts) has to transform lives. You will get to immerse yourself in the experience of music from around the world: Estonia, Jamaica, LA and more! Find out more about this fabulous festival right here. Of course, another festival in October that you will not want to miss is the 2017 Asheville Oktoberfest, running from 1 pm - 6 pm this on October 7th this year in Pack Square Park. There will be lively German music perfect to send you dancing between the different delicious food vendors serving up traditional German food. There will be games and performances (aka. The Organic Free-Range Chicken Dance!). And of course, there will be incredibly delicious beer served up for your (over 21!) enjoyment! If you are looking for a slightly smaller Oktoberfest held a little earlier this fall, then you should check out the Wicked Weed Oktoberfest! Of course, no matter what time you come to Asheville, you can enjoy good music and good beer at any of the breweries in the area.

Relaxing Mountains 


The Art

Fall, with the beautiful holidays coming up so quickly one right after the other in this season, is a time when we really start to think about getting our homes ready for family: reorganizing, redecorating for the season, and adding beautiful pieces of art to our ever-growing collections. Asheville has some gorgeous shops to help you get your home ready for the holidays and the indoor winter season that is approaching. If you would like a beautiful place for one-stop shopping filled with gorgeous artwork and hand-crafted items, then check out the Biltmore Village

The Extra Need For Rejuvenation


Last but most certainly not least, the reason why fall in Asheville, NC, is the best time for a vacation here is because of all that is going on in your life right now! School is starting up, and with that comes all the after-school activities. Even if you don’t have school-age kids, you have to fight school traffic to (and often from) work each day. Which means that your own work days are longer. Plus there is the upcoming holiday season and all the preparation that you are starting for that already. All of these added tasks and activities mean a busier-than-normal schedule and a lot of extra crazy stress. Which is exactly why you need a vacation right now! Otherwise you are going to get burnt out and be sick all holiday season long, from Thanksgiving to Christmas! And that is not something that you or your family want. So take a vacation now, and indulge in some rest and relaxation. So you can enjoy life right now, and the holiday season to come.

We can’t wait to see your radiant faces reflecting the color in the tress this fall in Asheville, NC! Come and give yourself the vacation you deserve, right now. Refresh yourself today - your future starts right now. Check out our gorgeous vacation rentals that are nestled in the stunning fall foliage right here. And then hurry and book your vacation - fall might be longer than normal in Asheville, but it still doesn’t last forever!

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