5 Delicious Restaurants That Will Transport You

5 Delicious Restaurants That Will Transport You

You take one bite, and instantly you are in Italy again. The terrace where your teleported chair rests overlooks a stunning, sloping vineyard bordered by trees that rise like spires to the sky. Warmth from the sun envelopes you, caressing your cheek sweetly as you close your eyes and savor the next bite. 

Have you ever had such an experience? Where one bite of food can transport you to an entirely different local, whether or not you have ever been there? Such food experiences are what food and travel writers live off of, and what us non food and travel writers long for. Well, guess what? Here in one of our cabins in Asheville, NC, you can have one of those delightful, transporting experiences at any of these five delicious restaurants. 



1). Well-Bred Bakery and Cafe 

If you are in the mood for sweets, treats, or just some pillowy bread, you will want to check out the Well-Bread Bakery and Cafe! Located in the heart of Biltmore Village, this charming spot will take you to one of the fantastic bakeries that swath Europe. From the atmosphere of the location to the incredible freshness and deliciousness of the hand crafted baked goods, you will feel like you are in a boulangerie in France. 

2). Calypso 

Calypso is an incredible concept that you will not want to miss! It is more than a restaurant: it is a spot of St. Lucian culture transported straight from the island to Asheville. The delightful mixture of French, English, and African cuisine that makes up St. Lucian soul food is prepared for you by a talented St. Lucian chef and entrepreneur. Fish, coconut milk, potatoes, and yams all make a strong appearance in this cuisine, along with heady spices such as nutmeg, garlic, and clove. There is even a hint of Indian influence in the delicious rotis (an Indian flatbread that is wrapped around curried chickpeas and served with your choice of goat, chicken, beef, or vegetable curry). When the wind brings a chill into town this winter, you will definitely want to warm up at this one-of-a-kind restaurant! You might even want one of their handcrafted drinks. 

3). Dining Room at the Biltmore 

The Dining Room at the Biltmore will transport you to fine dining in Europe. Estate raised ingredients, fresh meats and seafoods, and hand-crafted pastas are elevated by expert preparation. An attention to detail is obvious in every dish. Your meal is only enhanced by the luxurious setting, making this a truly transporting experience and a night you won’t forget. 


4). Fig Bistro 

If you long to experience a haute French take on mixed French and American cuisine overlaid with a hint of Old European charm, then Fig Bistro is definitely for you. You will find stuffed crepes made they way they were intended to be made, delicious pastas and salads, and even fancy po’ boys (which shouldn’t be surprising since Louisiana’s cuisine was heavily influenced by the original French colonizers. While each meal feels luxurious, you don’t have the pay the price you might expect. Make Fig a part of your next vacation with us - you won’t regret it!

5). Cúrate

Here is what Cúrate has to say about themselves:  "Cúrate is a celebration of authentic Spanish cuisine. For those who have visited Spain, the Cúrate menu will bring back memories of the country's best jamón Ibérico, vermuterías, and lively tapas culture. In recognition of the restaurant’s all-Spanish wine list, Cúrate was listed as one of America’s 100 Best Wine Restaurants by Wine Enthusiast Magazine in 2018. Cúrate means ‘cure yourself’ in Spanish, reflecting the belief held by chef Katie Button and her family that there are curative effects in sharing good food and wine with family and friends. Experience the essence of Spain in downtown Asheville… one plate at a time."

We can’t wait to have you come and visit our gorgeous city, staying in one of our beautiful cabins in Asheville, NC, and trying all of our splendid local cuisine. Book now with us and let yourself be transported by the vacation of a lifetime. We can’t wait to see you! 


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