5 Book Suggestions for Summer Reading

Asheville Summer Reading, 2015, Asheville Connections, Asheville NCThe South is known the world over for being laid back, and that stereotype is never more true than in the summer. Between the heat and the days getting longer, everything seems to slow down and wait for the crisp, cool energy of fall. It's almost impossible not just sit basking in the warmth of the sun and enjoying the relaxing atmosphere. But that doesn't mean that it's time wasted! There's still plenty to do and see and read. As much pride as Asheville takes in it's culinary, artistic and distillery scenes, it also takes pride in it's literary subculture. Asheville has been a home to and inspiration for many authors over the years, though this post will only feature five of it's more recent authors, feel free to explore for yourself and find your own Asheville author. In the case that you (like a certain blogger) enjoy reading between tours and while laying out in the sun, here are five great suggestions for your reading list this summer.

1. Take Two and Butter 'Em While They're HotTake Two and Butter 'Em While They're Hot, Cookbook, Ashevill NC, Asheville Connections

Author: Barbara Swell
Genre: Cookbook
In my previous post on 10 Reading Suggestions for Winter, I tried to give a representative sample for all types of books, but there was on I missed. Barbara Swell is known for her down-home, "old-timey" recipes and cooking styles. This is the newest of her 8 cookbooks, and carries her signature style of recipes mixed with humor and good old-fashioned advice. If you're looking for a book you can use on and off your vacation as well as bring you a little serving of southern char, this is the book for you!

Serafina and the Black Cloak, Asheville NC, Asheville Connections2. Serafina and the Black Cloak

Author: Robert Beatty
Genre: Young Adult Suspense/Fantasy
Serafina is the daughter of the Biltmore Estate's maintenance man. She's perfectly happy to stay unnoticed and tucked away in the basement of the mansion; that is until the children at the Estate start disappearing. Somewhere deep inside she knows she can find the missing piece to locate the children and along the way discovers deeply hidden and long forgotten secrets of her family. She must delve into the magic in her blood to reach her potential and find the other missing children. This is a great read for teens and young adults, especially since this fantasy fiction is both brand, "hot off the presses", new and is placed in and written by an Asheville author.

3. Asheville ImpressionsAsheville Impressions, Photography Book, Asheville NC, Asheville Connections

Author: Bob Schatz
Genre: Phtography
If reading isn't your preferred method for relaxation, but you still find comfort in having something solid in your hands, there is a great solution. In this bound illustrative series of the city, Schatx presents 118 of his finest photographs of Asheville. With photographs of everything, from street art in vibrant downtown, to lush and brilliant hiking trails, this book has pictures for everyone and every mood. Not only is this book a beautiful way to spend your time, but also is a great way to find some spots you want to hit on your trip!

At Water's Edge, Sara Gruen, Asheville NC, Asheville Connections4. At Water's Edge

Author: Sara Gruen
Genre: Historical Fiction
In At Water's Edge, Sara Gruen continues in her signature style of pulling readers into the hearts of her characters. After embarrassing themselves and their father at the social event of the year Philadelphia, Maddie and Ellis Hyde are cut off by their father. Their father, Colonel Hyde is already humiliated by Ellis's inability to fight in WWII due to being colorblind. As they try to find their own way, he decides the only way to ear the Colonel's approval back is to succeed where he very publicly failed - finding the Lock Ness Monster. Taking their friend Hank, another wealthy social lite, they make their way to Scotland where they must find the silver linings in the harshness of reality: friendship, fortitude, and love.

5. Asheville Beer: An intoxicating history of mountain brewingAsheville Beer, History of Brewing, Asheville NC, Asheville Connections

Author: Anne Fitten Glenn
Genre: History
Beer is essential to Asheville's current culture. The breweries bring a unique twist and the people they attract breathe life into the community. While things certainly change in Asheville over time, this is not one of them. Since it's founding in 1798 local distilling, first moonshine, then beer, and finally wine, has been a source of pride for the entire community. We love the craftsmanship it takes to create a perfect cup of beer (or wine or moonshine) and the artistry it takes to know how to pair it with a meal to bring out it's subtleties. If you share this passion with us, this is a great read for you to learn more about the history of Asheville brewing!

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