5 Best Spots in Asheville for Thrilling Winter Adventures

Winter Adventures

Thinking about taking a winter vacation filled with snow, slopes, tubing, ice skating…and even ice climbing? You don’t need to go far afield to find a spot that has all of this and so much more! In fact, you can get more than your fill of thrilling winter sports in Asheville, NC. That’s right! All the winter adventures you want…and so close to home. Check out the 5 best places for winter fun in Asheville, NC:


Snowy Trail

Beech Mountain Resort

Stunning vistas. Sweeping slopes. Challenging down hill courses and hills that are also perfect for beginners. Ice skating. Tubing. Down hill skiing! Beech Mountain, just north of Asheville, NC, has it all! Whether you are looking to soak up stunning vistas or really work up an appetite on the slopes, the little drive to Beech Mountain is more than worth it!

Appalachian Ski Mountain

Appalachian Ski Mountain, also a bit north of Asheville, always has plenty of rentals for those of us who don’t ski enough to purchase our own gear. Besides also having fabulous slopes for the experienced and beginner alike, Appalachian Ski Mountain has lessons that you can join, whether you are looking to brush up on your ski skills or are just trying out the sport - you are never too old or too young for their teachers! You can also snowboard and ice skate at the mountain.


Wolf Ridge

Much closer to home (less than a half-hour drive outside of Downtown Asheville) is the Wolf Ridge Ski Resort. Again, the slopes are beautiful and full of brilliant snow! And, snow boarding as well as tubing are offered. Remember, tubing is perfect for the littles that you can’t get onto skis!

Fox Mountain Guides

Are you more into "extreme” sports? Hiking? Rock climbing? Then, it is time to try ice climbing! Don’t worry, with the experienced guides of Fox Mountain Guides it is possible for even the most inexperienced climbers to indulge in the thrill of ice climbing while staying perfectly safe! If you want true, thrilling winter adventure, then you must check this sport out!

Ice Climbing

DuPont National Forest

Maybe, though, you have little kids. Or you want a low-key day out in the beauty of nature to rest up during your skiing-centered vacation. Then, you will want to check out the beauty that is DuPont National Forest in winter! Just a little bit south of Asheville, this stunning 84-acre space is filled with wonder and breathtakingly brilliant vistas. It is webbed with well maintained trails, and is open all year long during daylight hours. Which means it is a beautiful as well as safe spot to stroll through during this quiet season. Experience frozen landscapes worthy of Hollywood! (In fact, filming HAS been done in this gorgeous spot!) You will definitely walk out of these forests and away from the water falls refreshed in body and spirit.

We can’t wait for you to indulge in the beautiful thrills of winter sports in Asheville, NC! Hurry and book your vacation with us now before it is too late and winter is over! It isn’t as long of a season as you might imagine.

Winter Adventures

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