3 Things You Wouldn't Think to Pack

Packing for Asheville, NC, Asheville ConnectionsWhen you're packing for your vacation, there's the obvious luggage. Clothes. Everyone immediately thinks of what outfits to pack for what day and women automatically start matching shoes to their outfits. While this would be sufficient for a trip to a hotel, packing for a rental takes a little more consideration. Naturally, you do have to have clothes no matter where you go. If you need a little guidance on how to pack for the south check out our post on how to pack for the fall. Pretty much the same rule of thumb applies for all seasons in the south - layers! Always plan layers! But there are three other main things you have to keep in mind when you're preparing to leave for your rental.

1. Cleaning supplies

Larger cleaning supplies like vacuums and mops are usually provided at the rentals. Basics like paper towels and dish soap are solid investments, because even if you don't use them all at the rental, you can easily bring them back home. It's important to weigh both the cost difference and the amount of space items will take in your car. Depending on where you're going, shopping for basic necessities can be more expensive at your vacation location than where you live. However, the general rule at rentals is that if it's left behind, you can use it. So, it may save money to take inventory of  what is there before you go shopping. Which ever option makes you most comfortable is the one you should go with! If staying relaxed means spending fifteen extra dollars or being a little more cramped in the car, go with it! This trip is all about you unwinding.

2. Groceries

Similarly to cleaning, there may be some non-perishables (like coffee) left at the rental that you can use. The big thing to consider in addition to the price and packing is considering the local food and produce available at your rental. I recently when on a vacation and had fresh local food almost every night. I've always believed that local natural food is better, and that week of meals is the perfect confirmation of that belief. I've never  even liked  some of the dishes we had before, but it was the best week of dinners in my life! So check out the local produce as you make your menu for the week. I promise it will be worth it!

3. Entertainment

I know it can seem a little silly to pack movies and books when you're going on a vacation, however, I have another anecdote for that. I was raised on all kinds of movies, old movies, filmed plays, comedies, action,  and lots (and I do mean LOTS) of musicals, so I have a wide and varied taste in what I enjoy. I packed about a dozen movies to take on our week-long family break and as luck would have it was haggled the whole time for the selection I packed at 2 am consisting of one Vegitales, The Prince of Persia and ten chick flicks. After five days in the sun and two days stuck inside because of the rain, I was helping tidy up the rental so we could leave in the morning and found one basket with movies and another games in it we had completely missed all week. I'm an over-achiever, so there are two morals to this story. 1) Explore your rental thoroughly for all the goodies hidden in it. 2) Pack some back ups, in case you can't find the goodies or they aren't there, so you know you have a guaranteed fun stuck-inside-day.
Of course, if you have any questions we'll be happy to help you answer those to the best of our ability! Here at Asheville Connections we are dedicated to you taking time to be you. If you have any questions or need any clarifications about your rental policy or what is provided with the property feel free to call our office at (828) 274-6978!

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