3 Best Valentines Sweets for the Sweet

Valentines Sweets for the Sweet

Sweet, rich, decadent flavors spread over your tongue. There is a hint of bitterness, of cinnamon, of espresso, even vanilla. You can almost taste the rainforest in the silky bite dissolving in your mouth. What are we talking about? Why, perfectly hand-crafted chocolate, of course! And what goes more perfectly hand-in-hand than Valentines Day and chocolate? Nothing!

Which is why we know you will be thrilled to hear that Asheville is full of some of the most exquisite chocolate shops that you will ever find. Whether you are longing for creamy drinking chocolate, a decadent dark truffle, or that extra creamy milk chocolate delight infused with raspberry, we have a place in Asheville that has exactly what you are looking for. Since there are so many delightful places you could check out for your chocolate fix, we have selected our top 5 favorite places to find the best chocolates in Asheville, NC.


The French Broad Chocolate Lounge 

1). The French Broad Chocolate Lounge

Are you longing for the full chocolate experience with hand crafted chocolates combined with a bit of evening relaxation in the form of wine or beer? Then the French Broad Chocolate Lounge is the place for you! This charming chocolate "cafe” in downtown Asheville is housed in a beautiful corner building painted a charming shade of dusty French blue and outlined in, well, chocolate color trim! With this beautiful visual to begin your experience with, you then step into the Chocolate Lounge to find yourself enveloped with the heady aromas of spicy-sweet, tantalizing chocolate.

When you make your way up to the counter, you will discover that they have a huge array of hand crafted, artisan chocolates with unique flavors and infusions. You will also see their famous "liquid truffles” which is a decadent, silky smooth drinking chocolate. Other chocolate infused deserts (chocolate cake, pastries, olive chocolate tortes…) will also catch your eye. In fact, the choices will be almost overwhelming! The friendly staff, though, will be happy to help you pick out just the chocolate you are craving…and then perfectly pair it with wine or a good stout.

On weekends the line is often out the door…but the indulgences inside are well worth the wait! However, if you just really want to pop in and pop out, then there is the Chocolate + Milk shop right next door, which is the coffee, chocolate, ice cream, and pastry to-go extension of the French Broad Chocolate Lounge.

Everything is sourced locally when possible, and each ingredient of the chocolates and other confections is used when it is at its freshest. This is an experiences that you really won’t want to miss! In fact, you might find yourself coming back again and again because you just can’t get enough of the beautiful chocolate experience they create where you get to sit down, savor, and build community…all around your favorite confection! (IMG Source: The French Broad Chocolates Instagram


Chocolate Gems 

2). Chocolate Gems

Are you longing for a more "Italian” chocolate experience? Then you will adore the Chocolate Gems shop in Asheville, NC. Here you can find delicious, hand crafted pieces of chocolate from your traditional truffles to chocolate bark to chocolate covered marshmallows. And of course, there is delicious hot chocolate! (They have 4 different flavors!)

While all of their chocolate is swoon worthy, their real chocolate gems are to be found in their more unique offerings. Such as chocolate fish and chips. And chocolate pasta! 

Of course, to go above and beyond, this charming shop also offers gelato! You will find all kinds of incredible chocolate and mocha flavors of this rich and creamy, unsurpassable substance. Plus some other complimentary flavors. This lovely little local shop is definitely a unique experience that you won’t want to miss!


The Chocolate Fetish 

3). The Chocolate Fetish

Do you deeply desire an elegantly hand crafted, traditional chocolate confection? Then you will adore The Chocolate Fetish in Asheville, NC! From their "Ecstasy Truffles” to their caramels and frogs to their European style hot chocolate, this delightful shop has every kind of "traditional” chocolate you could imagine! But don’t think that walking into this shop is the same as walking into a generic candy story. In actuality, the chocolate here is award winning!

If you have 20 minutes to spare and you want a fabulous, in-depth chocolate learning experience, then you can take their "Through the Glass” tour! During this tour you will get to experience how chocolate is made…and sample a number of their award winning confections.

Maybe you are just looking for a beautiful Valentines gift. They also have you covered with lovely heart shaped gift boxes full of to-die-for truffles and sea-salt caramels. Or, go with the chocolate stilettos if you want to be a little more creative! (IMG Source: The Chocolate Fetish Facebook)

Are you longing for the best chocolates? In Asheville, NC, you will be able to indulge in a true chocolate lover’s paradise that is sprinkled with incredible and unique offerings! Don’t wait another minute before you book your dreamy chocolate vacation right here

Valentines Sweets for the Sweet

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