10 of the Most Amazing Winter Activities for You in Asheville

10 of the Most Amazing Winter Activities for You in Asheville

Did you know that winter is the perfect time for a vacation? Well, it is! Especially here in Asheville, NC. We have the ideal winter weather, where temperately cool temperatures let you soak up sun in only a light coat as you wear your favorite boots and skip the gloves and hats.

On top of the gorgeous winter weather that we have here in Asheville, we also have a myriad of amazing winter activities for you, all of which are easily accessible from our beautiful Asheville cabin rentals. Here are 10 of those amazing winter activities that you will just have to try!

1). Sleep InSleep In

During the winter, we have lovely long nights between the sun setting earlier and rising later. We are constantly running ourselves ragged during our normal daily routines. Work, kids, errands, projects…the lists go on and on and on. Sleep seems to take a daily back burner. Use your vacation to catch up on this much needed yet much missing element of our lives! Take a cue from the sun and go to bed early while also waking up late during your winter vacation!

2). Ski!

Skiing is the quintessential winter activity! Well, guess what? We have some amazing ski slopes very close to our cabins in Asheville, NC. Only 30 minutes away from the heart of Asheville is Wolf Ridge Resort, where they have some delightful slopes you won’t want to miss. You will also want to check out the Cataloochie Ski Area. If you are willing to drive a few more miles, Beech Mountain is a skiing paradise that you won’t want to miss! It just so happens to be the highest ski slope east of the Mississippi.

3). Retro 80s WeekendRetro 80s Weekend

In February the town of Beech Mountain, in conjunction with the Beech Mountains Ski resort, will put on an unforgettable celebration of all things 80s related! When you come for the celebration you get to enjoy 80s tribute bands, all day retro skiing (where you have to wear 80s apparelal, such as ski suits with shoulder pads!), a pac man contest, a rubik’s cube competition, and retro karaoke competitions.

4). Go Hiking

With our gorgeously temperate winter weather, Asheville is the perfect place to enjoy nature in winter by taking a hike! Check out this page here for some delightful winter hiking spots.

5). Cross Country SkiCross Country Skiing

While cross country skiing might not provide the rush that racing down a hill on skis does, it certainly does provide an exhilarating and stunningly beautiful workout! Moses Cone Memorial Park in Blowing Rock is a great place to take a cross country skiing day trip to. The stunning scenery along the 25 miles of trails around ponds, near lakes, and through orchards will be the highlight of you vacation. Check out this chart for other delightful cross country trails.

6). Snowboarding

They say snowboarding is the next new thrill after you master down hill skiing. Both Cataloochie Ski Area and Beech Mountain Ski Resort offer snowboarding lessons as well as allow snowboarders to use their slopes.

7). Skate

Enjoy the elegance of ice skating this winter vacation right here in Asheville! Beech Mountain has a beautiful ice skating rink, nestled atop a stunning Blue Ridge peak.

8). Go TubingGo Tubing

Tubing is just pure, all around family fun! It is something your kids will enjoy, you will enjoy, and that will help you make beautiful and lasting memories. Lucky for you, Asheville has some great spots for tubing!

9 ). Star Gaze

Have you ever noticed how the stars seem more brilliant on a clear winter night than at any other time of the year? Scientifically, this is because in the summer our night sky view is toward the center of the Milky Way while in the winter we look towards the outskirts of the Milky Way. You can read more about it here. That means that a winter vacation is the perfect time to slip into a cozy coat, wrap your hands around a hot drink, and step out onto the porch of one of our cabins in Asheville, NC, to gaze at the stunning brilliance above you in the heavens.

Hot Cocoa

10). Curl Up With a Good Book and a Cup of Cocoa

You’ve had a busy, fun-filled day complete with skiing and other incredible winter sports. You’re tired, and nicely full from a delicious warm meal that you just returned from. Now it’s time to curl up in a cozy arm chair with your favorite hot drink (hot cocoa anyone?!) and dive into an intriguing new book. Can you think of any better way to round out each day of your winter vacation?

We can’t wait to see you here this winter in Asheville, NC! After all, winter is the perfect time to get away, escape the gray, and have some fun! Take advantage of every moment you have - book your next vacation with us now


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