10 New Things to Try in Asheville in 2019

10 New Things to Try in Asheville in 2019 | Asheville Connetions

The New Year is almost here and now is the time to start thinking about how to make 2019 a fantastic year. Have you ever wanted to try something new? Are you looking to add a little adventure to your life? Have you been taking that same old vacation to that same old place? If any of these questions are ones you have considered then this is the post for you. We'll have several posts for you in 2019, all of which will share why we think you'll love Asheville as much as we do. So grab a pen and paper, take some notes, and get ready for ten exciting things you need to try during your Asheville vacation. 

couple in the asheville mountains | Asheville Connetions

1. Get romantic in the mountains

Valentine's day isn't far off and if you're looking for a way to have a very special and romantic getaway, we have just the solution for you. Few destinations are as romantic as a mountain cabin nestled among the old growth forest, featuring breath taking views. Imagine waking up to the peace and tranquility of a beautiful mountain setting. If you've always dreamed of renting a cabin to get away from it all for a few days, then this year  book your Asheville cabin!

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2. Fall in love with our waterfalls

If you've never seen a waterfall in person, then you're in for a treat. The Asheville area mountains are loaded with amazing waterfalls. Fifteen waterfalls can be seen from the roadside or via a short walk. Some of the most spectacular waterfalls in North Carolina are right in our own backyard. This season take an adventure to see one of our many waterfalls and stay tuned for a future post where we'll feature some of our best waterfalls. 

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3. Let your taste buds travel the world

Your body may be in Asheville but you can take your taste buds on a world tour. Asheville is a foodie's delight. From Ethiopian to Indian, Greek to Thai, our great city features lots of incredible restaurants that allow visitors the opportunity to explore the globe all while enjoying scenic Asheville. If you're looking for a new favorite cuisine, you'll love Asheville. 

4. Get in touch with your inner artist

Asheville has a long tradition of being a haven for artists of different disciplines. From glass blowing to pottery, there is always something creative going on in Asheville. While visiting Asheville this year take some time to explore some of our resident artists and explore a new medium. One of the best places to start is the Lexington Glassworks where you can learn all about glass blowing and watch live artisans put on demonstrations. 

hking in in asheville, nc | Asheville Connetions

5. Take a hike

Don't worry we aren't talking about hiking Kilimanjaro, but the mountains around Asheville are just begging for you to lace up the hiking boots (or sneakers) and head into the woods. If you've never hiked the local area, you're in for a treat.  The area features beautiful trails that are suitable for kids to the most avid of hikers. If you want a real challenge, you can hike Mt. Mitchell, the largest mountain peak east of the Mississippi River! Stay tuned for our blog post about hiking in Asheville. 

breweries in asheville, nc | Asheville Connetions

6. Try a new brew 

Each year since 2009 a national poll,  produced by the Brewers Association, names a city "Beer City USA. " Did you know that Asheville has won this award four times since the poll began? Asheville has a growing and vibrant craft beer culture and has become the epicenter of craft beer manufacturers in the Southeast. Currently, there are well over a dozen great beer companies in the Asheville area. Many of the best events of the year draw beer lovers from all over the nation to Asheville. If you're a beer lover, make Asheville your next destination. 

french broad river in asheville, nc | Asheville Connetions

7. Discover the French Broad River

People often think of the mountains with thoughts of woods, rock climbing, and hiking, but what people are often surprised about while visiting Asheville is our beautiful river. The French Broad River is a 218-mile long river that flows right through Asheville. The river allows visitors to experience all sorts of outdoor activities you have to try, which brings us to our next three things you have to try. 

fly fishing in asheville, nc | Asheville Connetions

8. Fly fish the river

There 's fishing, and then there is fly fishing. If you've never had the chance to learn to fly fish and you enjoy fishing, then Asheville is the place for you. Several companies and outfitters in the area offer lessons for beginners as well as tours for more experienced anglers. If you want to try fly fishing, all you need is a sense of adventure. Guides include waders, rods, flys, and lots of local knowledge... so what are you waiting for? 

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9. Paddle Biltmore

Did you know you can paddle through the Biltmore Estate on the French Broad  River?  Whether you are a SUP, Kayaker, or like to Canoe, the river offers paddlers a backdoor into some of the most splendid scenery you'll ever see paddling. If you are new to the area and looking for a guide, two of the best in the area are the French Broad Outfitters and the Asheville Outdoor Center both of which offer great guides. 

tubing in french braod river in asheville, nc | Asheville Connetions

10. Take a tube down the river

There are few things as refreshing and fun on a hot summer day as tubing down the French Broad River. Tubing is great for all ages. The river is slow and cool. Whether you bring your tubes or go along with one of the local tubing companies, you'll love just laying back and taking in the scenery along the river. Hint, if you're a beer lover, stop by one of the local breweries grab your favorite brew, tie it to your tube, and whamo you have a cooler. What could be better than sipping a brew with toes in the water drifting through Asheville?

Are you ready to try one or all of these great adventures this year? if you are and you need help finding the perfect Asheville vacation home then look no further. Our helpful and friendly staff are here to make sure you have the best Asheville experience possible. Just give us a call today or click the button below. 

What new adventure are you planning for your 2019 Asheville vacation? Let us know in the comments below. 

10 New Things to Try in Asheville in 2019 | Asheville Connetions

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