10 Fun and Beautiful Ways to Stay Safe on Vacation

10 Fun and Beautiful Ways to Stay Safe on Vacation

A vacation that goes smoothly, with no injuries or other mishaps, is a beautiful thing! However, nothing can ruin an otherwise perfect vacation faster than running into sickness or injury. We want to make sure that you have the perfect vacation with us at one of our cabins in Asheville, NC! So we have put together a list of the 10 top ways to have a fun and beautifully safe vacation. Take the time to follow these few safety tips, and you will have one of the best vacations of your life! 

1). Stay at a Good Place 

Forget the sleazy dives. Stay away from the cheep and less-than-luxurious accommodations. Instead, stay at a place that is safe in every way. Our beautiful cabins in Asheville, NC, are in safe neighborhoods, perfectly kept up, and beautifully decorated. (You’re eyes will be completely safe from even a hint of garish decor!) When you stay with us, you will be safe, in every way. Including being safe from teenager’s eye-rolls or spouse’s displeasure at your choice of accommodation. 

2). Pack for the Season

Here in Asheville, NC, we are blessed with the best of the four seasons. Deliciously cool springs filled with bursting blossoms, long and warm summers complete with brilliant sunshine, crisp fall days where the leaves drip with liquid amber and gold, and snowy winters. So make sure you have the wardroom you need for the season you are visiting us in! 

3). Stay HydratedStay Hydrated

No matter the weather, it is very easy to get dehydrated! Even in the summer, Asheville is devoid of the cloying humidity that plagues Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and many other parts of the South. And then, in winter, the humidity levels usually drop even further, especially when the temperatures drop below freezing at night and solidify all of the moisture in the air. So make sure you are carrying (and drinking!) your water with you everywhere! 

4). Protect Yourself from Sun Exposure 

Even though we are blessed with an abundant forest, the sun can still get through all of those light-dappling leaves in summer. So make sure to pack your sun screen! While too much sun exposure isn’t as much of a worry in winter, with the weather requiring you to wear more clothing, you can still get burnt! Especially if you hit the ski slopes, with the beautiful light-refracting snow. So make sure to use a good SPF face cream even in winter, and protect your eyes with some stylish sunglasses, no matter the season!

5). Drive Carefully!

The Blue Ridge Parkway speed limit averages 45 mph for a reason! There are deer everywhere. As well as birds, squirrels, ‘possums, raccoons, and even foxes. These sweet wild animals are a treat to get to see along your stunning parkway drive, but they are hazardous to the health if you are going too fast. Plus, even though you usually do not see many state police cars on the Blue Ridge Parkway, park rangers are authorized to write speeding tickets. Also, if you haven’t already heard, North Carolina is cracking down on speeding and state troopers will issue tickets for even a 1 mph infraction. So drive carefully this vacation and you won’t have to worry about denting your car or paying for a ticket! Both of which have a way of ruining a day. 

6). Be Prepared for Weather ExtremesBlueridge Parkway

Our beautiful section of the Blue Ridge mountains here in Asheville boast moderately mild weather most all of the year. However, as any place can, Asheville sometimes has it hot spells and its cold spells. So make sure that you aren’t caught during our one icicle-inducing day with only a warm fall wardrobe at your disposal. It is a good idea, no matter the season you visit us, to at least bring a light jacket. For even the warm summer days can turn into cool nights. And of course, bring your warm parka if you plan to go skiing over the Christmas holidays during your stay - our beautiful city is one of the spots in the South that can turn into the ideal winter wonderland. 

7). Pack a Simple First Aid Kit

Doesn’t it seem that you are bound to injure yourself the one or two times you aren’t prepared to handle such an inconvenience? Come prepared this vacation for potential cuts and bruises (even wine openers can be brutal…). Bring along a few bandaids, some arnica cream for bruises, and maybe even some Neosporin to handle any chance cooking mishap. For it isn’t fun to have to run out to a pharmacy just as you were about to sit down to a beautiful glass of red wine before a roaring fire simply because your wine bottle opener slipped and hit your thumb too hard. 

8). Don't Feed the Wildlife

Please be mindful while staying in our beautiful Asheville to not leave food outside that the wildlife can get into. For along with the stunning mountain landscapes comes the presence of black bears. While it is unlikely you will even see one, it is a good idea to not tempt them up onto your porch with a plate of leftovers accidentally left behind overnight.

9). Keep Your Eyes Open Black Bear

Asheville is a very safe, family friendly vacation destination. That said, you don’t want to go down a deserted trail at dark or you just might come face to face with a specimen of mountain wildlife that doesn’t take kindly to your intrusion. Such as a black bear. Nor do you want to trip on a twig in the twilight in your front yard. It is always a good idea to be cognizant of your surroundings. 

10). Don't Pack Too Much

While you make sure to pack your sun protection, pack clothing appropriate for the season, and prepare for weather extremes, you might want to think about not packing too much luggage! After all, nothing can ruin a trip more than having to haul numerous heavy bags, or being forced to sit with a suitcase nearly in your lap as you make your way to your vacation housing. So don’t strain your back…and your marriage….with too much luggage this vacation! 

We can’t wait to have you come and visit us here in one of our cabins in Asheville, NC! And we want to ensure that you have the best, safest, most beautiful vacation ever. Book now with us, follow these tips, and you can’t go wrong!


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