How to Plan the Perfect Day in Downtown Asheville

How to Plan the Perfect Day in Downtown Asheville

There are a lot of great ways to spend your time in Asheville. Of course, outdoor activities abound and there are tons of great choices. However, many folks overlook one of the best parts about Asheville and that is our downtown area. This week we take a look at some of the best things to do and see here in Asheville. So tie those shoelaces and let's head downtown. 

Check out our great restaurants

If we are honest, vacation is a lot about food. Who wants to count calories or eat at McDonalds during their vacation? Nobody. Well, if you are a foodie (or just a fan of interesting places to eat), Asheville, North Carolina is the place to be. Our beautiful city features some truly unique restaurants, which should be no surprise given Asheville's naturally quirky and fun atmosphere. From vegetarian to French cuisine, Indian to farm-to-table, there is something for every tastebud in downtown Asheville. Check out our previous post: Experience five of the best and most unique restaurants in Asheville. 

Visit The Historic Grove Arcade on Battery Hill 

The Historic Grove Arcade in downtown Asheville is a beautiful place to shop and eat! It's one of North Carolina's most historic buildings and features dozens of specialty shops, galleries and restaurants. Find local art, antiques, fine gifts and international cuisine at the Grove Arcade. Outside, the Portico Market features farmers and craftspeople selling their wares, including local crafts, honey, handmade soaps and much more.

LaZoom Comedy Bus Tour

This is definitely not your typical tour bus experience. LaZoom is Asheville's only rolling comedy tour bus with a side-splitting guided tour to Asheville's favorite neighborhoods and landmarks. That spells quirky fun for both first-time visitors and long-time residents. The big purple bus is hard to miss - especially when it's chased by a nun on a giant bike. The tours have several options including ghost tours, comedy tours, tours for kids and beer tours. There is simple something for everyone in this zany tour company. Need more information? Click here.

Take a brewery tour

Asheville has a national reputation as home to some of the best breweries in the country. In fact, we are often called Beer City USA. If you are a fan of craft beers there are several great brewery tours. We have so many we even created a blog post for our brewery fans. Check out our previous post: Everything you need to know about our local brewery tours and have a great day brewery hopping in Asheville. 

Asheville Art Museum

If you love art, the Asheville Art Museum is a great place to spend a few minutes of your day. The museum features loads of great exhibits that are sure to pique your interest. The collection focuses on the history, culture and experiences of the Southeast, making it a truly unique collection.

Visit Lexington Glassworks 

There is something magical about the art of blowing glass and there are few better than the folks at Lexington Glassworks.The cool thing about this wonderful local business is they allow folks to watch them work. The shop is beautiful and several times a day they do glassblowing demonstrations that are fun and informative to watch. Take a few moments and head on over to the Lexington Glassworks. 

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How to Plan the Perfect Day in Downtown Asheville

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