How to Have a Great Day at Dupont State Forest

How to Have a Great Day at Dupont State Forest

There are a lot of great things to do and see in Asheville, and one of those is the wonderfully fun Dupont State Forest. This week we have everything that you need to know to take your family or friends to this unique attraction. Located not far from downtown Asheville, the Dupont State Forest needs to be on everyone's bucket list. Grab your pack, fill up the water bottles and get ready for a day in the forest. 

Things to consider before your visit

Before visiting remember to plan for your activity accordingly. The weather in the area can change rapidly. Whether you are hiking, fishing or just spending the day attending one of the many events held here, you should be prepared. Our advice is that you visit the park mid-week. This offers a lot of benefits. Fewer crowds mean less folks on the trail. For more information about the park Click here. 

Mountain Biking 

If you like shredding the trails or just riding along and taking in the breathtaking view on two wheels, you are going to love the Dupont State Forest. The forest is loaded with trails that are fun for all skill and ability levels. 

Don't worry about bringing your own bike. There are several bike shops in the area that rent bikes at reasonable rates. 

If you are looking for one of best activities to enjoy nature,  you'll want to be on the trail in the Dupont State Forest.


There are a lot of of great hiking trails in the forest. Whether you are new to hiking or an experienced hiker looking for your next challenge, the park is a great place to explore. If you are looking for an incredible hike take the “long route” from Old CCC Rd. up to Stone Mountain, the Forest’s highest point at 3600 ft. The granite dome offers a 180 degree vista over the Forest during spring, summer, and fall, with nearly 360 degree views during the winter. A shorter route is also available off Sky Valley Road.

Waterfall Hikes

If there is one thing the area is well known for it is the lovely waterfalls that dot the forest. If you love waterfalls, you are going to love exploring the hiking trails here! 

When hiking around waterfalls, be careful, especially if you have small children. Make sure to bring your camera as the falls are spectacular. 

If you want an idea of what to expect during your hike, check out this video. If that isn't motivation to lace up the hiking boots, then we don't know what is! 

Looking for a good hiking route with waterfalls? Many visitors flock to the three-mile roundtrip hike that includes three of the best known waterfalls (Hooker, Triple and High Falls).

Horseback Riding  

If you love horseback riding there is a great loop that allows you to see four of the major waterfalls, all while trotting around the forest. The loop involves a small river crossing called the Little River. The rocks can be slick and the water can be up to two feet deep when the rainfall has been heavy. If your horses have crossed large streams before, there shouldn't be a problem. There are also two wooden bridges. If your horse has not crossed a wooden bridge before, you may want to lead them across the first time. The bridges are wide and very solid. Rangers and volunteers carry free maps. If you need a map, ask any ranger. Large maps are also posted at the kiosks. Many loops can be developed by connecting the trails. This loop takes about 2 hours, depending on your speed and how long you stay at the viewpoints. It will get you familiar with many other connecting trails.

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How to Have a Great Day at Dupont State Forest

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