How to Grill the Perfect Trout

How to Grill the Perfect Trout

If you love fishing in the North Carolina mountains then you probably love fresh grilled trout. Planning your next Asheville fishing vacation has never been easier. We have a great selection of vacation cabins to choose from, all within a short distance of some of the best trout fishing in the world. Fire up the grill, grab your catch and let's learn how to grill the perfect trout. 

Whole fish 

Some fish is best served whole, and trout is definitely best grilled this way. Forget the filet or steaks – grilling trout is an art requiring whole, fresh-caught North Carolina fish. 

Fresh herbs

Yes, there is a difference between old herbs and fresh herbs. When grilling your trout, make sure to take the time to find really great ingredients like fresh herbs. For this recipe you are going to need Thyme and Rosemary. 

Avoid grilling cold fish 

It may seem counterintuitive, but grilling ice cold trout is a bad idea. In fact, the pros will tell you the best thing to do is let your trout approach room temperature before you put it on the grill.  

Setting up your grill

Setting up the grill is the key to your success. Make sure to clean the grill grates. You don't want your trout tasting like last night's burger or grilled salmon. Next, you will want to make sure the grill grates are well oiled. Finally, make sure the grill has a nice, steady, and high heat.  

Prep your fish

Don't overthink preparing your fish. Just like planning your Asheville vacation, prepping trout is easy. The first key is that trout needs to be well oiled. We prefer olive oil. Even if you place the fish in tinfoil make sure to use a generous amount of oil. Next, you will want to fill the cavity of the fish with herbs, lemon and generous amounts of salt. We recommend sea salt for the texture and added flavor profile. Finally, add lemon wedges under the gills. Lemon grills well and of course adds moisture so your fish isn't dried out.  

Foil or no foil?

There are two ways to grill fish. One is to wrap the fish in foil. This is a great method and certainly makes cleaning up a breeze. The other method is to place the fish directly on the grill which also works well. Remember, trout have rather fragile skin so while foil will take a few minutes longer to cook than fish placed directly on the grill, it might be better for the first-time griller. 

The one flip rule

It is critical to only flip the fish one time. The trout is ready to flip when you can easily slip a thin metal spatula (try a fish spatula) underneath it without more than one or two little places sticking to the spatula. Once the fish has been flipped, re-baste the fish with some butter or lemon. This will help keep the fish moist and tasty. 

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How to Grill the Perfect Trout

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