Create an Asheville Photo Challenge for Family and Friends

Create an Asheville Photo Challenge for Family and Friends

If you've ever visited the mountains of North Carolina or Asheville you know the area is a place of unparalleled beauty. However, for those who have never been to Asheville 2020 should be the year you change all that. Maybe a late summer vacation or a fall tour of the mountains is in the cards. Either way one thing is for sure, Asheville is a photographers dream destination. This week we have everything you need to make a photo challenge that is sure to get your Instagram buzzing. 

Pick your location

Before you head out on your photo adventure you need to consider your location. Of course, for this family photo challenge we are going to use Asheville or the North Carolina mountains as the main location, but we understand many of  you are unable to travel at the moment. So you could use a location that is appropriate for your area. How about the main street in the town you live in. Get creative and have fun. 

Choose a theme

When creating a photo challenge it is fun to have a theme. Set up themes by focusing on certain subjects. Try for example local artists, or best meal there is really an endless amount of ideas. One fun theme are Instagrammable (yes that is a word)  dishes of your favorite restaurants. Kids make a great theme and are heartwarming images that we all love to see. No matter what theme you pick have fun, which is what this challenge is all about. 

Create a five day challenge

Creating a short five day challenge is easy and fun. Plus kids can do it as well. You could even use this as an learning experience. For example just set out a challenge for each day. Have fun with it. Get a group together and let a person pick a challenge for each day. One day might be a selfie, one day could be a picture of a historic place, or favorite tree. There is literally thousands of challenges you could create. Have fun with it!

Get the most out of your phone's camera

The technology found in our modern smartphones is simply amazing. The reality is for most us there is no point in carrying around a separate camera. But getting the most out of your phone means unleashing some of its best features. 

When taking photos try the Pano function to take breathtaking mountain views. Use some of the different filters to create your own take on a scene. Life black and white? Most phones can even convert photos to black and white. Your creativity is only limited by your desire to experiment. 

Share your photos

Now that you have a phone full of amazing photos it's time to share them. One of the best ways is by using social media. For example Instagram is a great way to post photos for everyone to see. Take you pictures and add the #ashevilleconnections to your post. We love seeing visitors pictures. Facebook is another great way to share your passion for photography with a large audience. Just tag Asheville Connections. 

Are you ready for an Asheville vacation? Now is the perfect time to start planning your late summer or early fall vacation. Give us a call today to speak with a reservationists about all the best Asheville cabin rentals. 

Create an Asheville Photo Challenge for Family and Friends

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