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Asheville Eats A Lot of Christmas Cookies

As I've shared with you all, I'm the oldest in a large family and have wonderful holiday memories that I cherish. However, I'm also a military brat, my dad was an officer before he retired, and I'm fourth generation Prussian. Let me tell you, if your family takes the effort to coun... View the full post »

10 Ways to Have a Family Christmas while Vacationing in Asheville

Christmas is my second favorite day of the year; it would be my first, but I've never seen fireworks on Christmas and I love pyrotechnics. It is a very close second though. I love everything about it, the smells, the food, the decorations, the music, most of the movies, the history, the b... View the full post »

12 Ways Asheville is Bringing in the New Year That You Don't Want to Miss

**This post has been UPDATED as of December 18, 2017.** Bringing in the New Year with a BANG! Need some inspiration for your plans this New Years' Eve? Well, the south isn't known for hospitality for no reason; simply put, we have something for everyone. New Years' Eve has the potent... View the full post »

Reading Asheville like a Book: 10 must read books in Asheville this winter

There are two general scenarios that can throw a fun winter day out of whack, weather and getting too cold. Spending time outside is great. Especially in the brisk winter air and with scenery as beautiful as Asheville provides. However, sometimes mother nature has other plans and getting out and a... View the full post »

12 Things You Can't Miss in Asheville in 2015

Planning a trip can be a pain to say the least. Everyone has set aside time to go do something only to find out that what they had been planning to do isn't possible. Fortunately, Asheville is one of those places that always has something fun going on! From outdoor activities, like hiking ... View the full post »